Free Worldloppet receptions for all

The executive committee have been working on a case regarding the Worldloppet receptions each race is encourage to arrange.

The issue is the cost to participate in this reception. We have gotten feedback from members on this. Complaints.

We feel that the Worldloppet receptions should be free to enter, for all. This is because we feel that the spirit of Worldloppet is to bring together as many skiers as possible. Skiers from all nations who enjoy cross country skiing, and skimarathons. A social get-together is key here and it should be as easy as possible to participate. No cost to enter. Therefore free admission for all.

This does not exclude charging the servings of food and drinks at the meeting. But it must be optional to buy food and drinks. Like any restaurant or café it’s possible to serve only those with a ticket or who have payed. This should be easily done and not an argument to avoid free entry. We are not asking for free food and drinks here. Just free entry.

We don’t question that the cost they charge is maybe low and that it is a low price considering the amount of food given. That is not the case here. The case is to meet fellow Worldloppet skiers in a social get together without paying for greetings and conversation.

Two races. US Birkie and Finlandialoppet needed attention on this.

US Birkie.

We contacted them because their webpages said nothing about free meeting. After some communication we got a confirmation that ‘YES’ it is possible to attend their Worldloppet reception (breakfast) for free. Only those who also wanted to eat from the buffet should pay. Birkie promised us in February to update their webpages with this information. It’s not done as of July so we have sent a reminder. Birkie confirmation in email Aug.2014 was: “However if skiers would like to attend and not purchase breakfast that will be possible and although not advertised was possible in the past“. Success ending, just update the webpage asap. [It’s updated now]


We contacted this race also regarding this issue because they have a Worldloppet reception but it cost to attend. It cost for all. Food is included but there is no option to enter this social Worldloppet get-together without paying for food&drinks. You can’t enter for free, stay for conversation and not eat. Some Worldloppet masters contacted IAWLS and told they skippet the reception because of this. That is sad because those skiers love skiing and Worldloppet. The reply we got from Finlandialoppet on our proposal was sadly a ‘NO’. They will continue the practise of charging all participants on the Worldloppet reception. 15 euro. We in IAWLS ECM hope this will change some year. So not a successful ending. Yet?

Worldloppet organization.

We communicated with Worldloppet and asked them for the possebility to make it mandatory for Worldloppet race to have free attending to Worldloppet receptions. That idea did not go any further. WL want to let each organizer do it the way they prefer.

The free attending to all Worldloppet receptions will also go into our/IAWLS charter on next charter-update.

One somehow related issue is that our charter, ‘IAWLS race charter’, states that Worldloppet receptions must be for all Worldloppet passportholders, NOT just “masters”. This is not the case for several Worldloppet races. We feel it should be.

Engadin Skimarathon is one great example with their Worldloppet reception. It is all free, including food and drink. Even wine and beer. Very nice.

Mvh Lars Vagle. IAWLS.

We quote some parts of Worldloppet Constitution:
“Objectives of the Association.
To promote friendship among skiers of different nations.
To promote the popularity of cross-country skiing by organising quality long- distance popular races throughout the world.”

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2 Responses to Free Worldloppet receptions for all

  1. Mary Lee says:

    Dear Lars
    We are only two weeks from this years Merino Muster and are very excited by the number Worldloppet skiers joining us. The conditions have been excellent this year with lots of snow and the course fully groomed from June..

    We understand your desire to have welcome functions free of charge. Socialising with skiers from other countries is the attraction of Worldloppet. . New Zealand organises functions where entry is free and the food is optional. To provide free food and drinks we would need to increase our entry fee inline with the other races. Our entry fees are purposefully tailored to encourage our NZ community to enter. In comparison to other events our entry fee is affordable to our local community. If IAWS feels it would make it more attractive we can look at ways to raise our race fees to cover the cost of the functions.
    Happy Skiing
    Mary Lee

    • LV says:

      Dear Mary Lee
      It looks like you have a good solution here. Free entry and option to buy food and drinks. Just like Birkie have now.
      IAWLS is not asking for free food and drinks. And races should not increase the startfee for all just so some skiers get free food and drinks. Your solution sound good as it is. Just like our charter says. Keep up the good work and good luck with upcoming race.
      mvh Lars. IAWLS.

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