Demino Skimarathon

This is new Worldloppet race in 2013 season.


Demino Marathon takes place 20km outside of Rybinsk, which is a provincial town 350km from Moscow on the Volga river. The location of the race is a well organized sport centre (“Demino” ski sport center) where some World Cup competition take place. This makes the race organization one of the best in Russia and definitely played a key role for the selection in WL calendar. Race start and arrival is in the stadium, there are good facilities for changing, warm heated places for food after the race, etc .. therefore you should have no problem at all for the race itself.


Things are however a bit more tricky when concerning travel and accommodation. This text assumes you already have a Russian visa to get to Russia (usually Moscow). If not please contact one your home country travel agencies to go through all the process (getting invitation, applying for visa etc ..). Once in Moscow you need to get to Rybinsk. The website of Demino Marathon has a section in English but its “transport” page contains only a map without any indication to get there. The Russian language section gives a little bit more information, which is reproduced below :

“Organization comity is happy to inform you that charter buses will be organized on the following routes :

–       Moscow – Rybinsk – Sport Center “Demino” – Rybinsk – Moscow
–       Yaroslav – Rybinsk – Sport Center “Demino” – Rybinsk – Yaroslav
–       Rybinsk – Sport Center “Demino” – Rybinsk

Bus schedule and prices, departure places and reservation process will be detailed on our website by the end of February 2013”

The race website also gives the number of several taxi companies in Rybinsk, but is it necessary to speak Russian to contact with them.

One good option is also to rent a car in Moscow for a couple of days and to travel on your own. Road is straightforward to Yaroslav, then you turn to the west to Rybinsk and in Rybinsk there are roadsigns in English to race start. Roads are acceptable excepted a couple of bumpy areas, all cars have winter tires and petrol is inexpensive in Russia compared to Europe. This is however recommended only if you travel several people in the car, one of them speaking a bit of Russian.

Accommodation can be made on the race site itself, in the sport hotel or in surrounding dachas for rent, but this is generally full very early in season. Race site being 20km outside of Rybinsk only other options are hotels in Rybinsk or even in Yaroslavl. This is the option currently publicized on the website of the race.


(see race site)

Web site

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