Any skier that is a Worldloppet Master or has skied a WL race is eligible to become a member. The organization operates completely over the Internet. There are no mailings using regular mail to our members. Because of this, our costs are low and entirely donated by the members of the committee and we don’t ask for a membership fee.

Skiers that have not yet skied a WL race but are planning to do so should feel free to contact us when they need advice.


IAWLS makes both formal and informal surveys of its members about WL and the WL races. The results of these surveys are presented to WL in order to help them improve the races. If you become a member you may influence these recommendations and if we have more members these recommendations will carry more weight.

These recommendations are also published on this web site for the benefit of all skiers.


In order to become a member, we ask you for your name, country of residency and e-mail address. Please note that we expect each person to have his or her own e-mail address. This is not strictly a requirement from a technical point of view but it makes it easier for our web master to keep track of the membership and avoid duplications. So please accept this inconvenience. If your data changes you can email the web master at and we will manually edit your entries. Please notify us if your email address changes since this is the only way for us to keep in contact with you.

NB: Between April 4th and May 20th 2016 we had email problems and new registrations did not arrive us. For those who signed up in that intervall, please re-enter.


This information is only used for communicating with you. We may give it to the Worldloppet organization in order to document just the size of our membershiplist. But never show email-addresses. We will not give it to any other organization.

1 Response to Membership

  1. Mary Lee says:

    I have entered the American Birkebeiner and am planning in 2014 to compete in more events with the goal to becoming a WLMaster. Work and health have precluded me from entering more of the events since 1996. I would like to know if there is accommodation that skiers prefer for the Birkebeiner _
    Are there trails close by the train the week prior ?
    Is there a way tofind out if other skiers are prepared to carpool?.
    The new Merino Muster website is under construction and will be live this week. – Check it out
    Mary Lee

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