La Transjurassienne

How to reach the area

La Transjurassienne’s website and leaflet are very well done and show the bus connections organized on the race days. Hereafter we give some hints to skiers who wish to stay some days in the area and do not come by car.

The city of Morez where the bib pickup takes place is accessible by train leaving Dijon (connected to Paris by TGV trains) but only at about 10 AM and arriving Morez at around 1 PM.

Coming from Luxemburg, Dijon can also be reached by the train leaving Metz early morning (around 6 AM)

. Morez is near several villages on the race track: Bellefontaine 9 km, Les Rousses 10 km, Prémanon 10 km, Chapelle-des-Bois 15 km, Lamoura 26 km.

But they are not frequently buses to get from Morez to those villages : it’s better  if you have’nt a car to stay in Les Rousses or in Chapelle des Bois, Premanon, …

You can also reach the circuit via the Frasne station on the Paris-Dijon-Lausanne TGV line. Frasne is 30 km from Mouthe, Mouthe to Chapelle-des-Bois is 19 km.

From the Geneva airport it is easy to reach the race area. Take the train from Geneva to Nyon (20 min) and change to a train to La Cure (50 minutes) where you are at 5 km from Prémanon (take a taxi).


The organizer’s website and leaflet include data on hotel reservation. The hotels in villages situated on the race track tend to be crowded in the race period. Make your reservation very early!


The forecast is available at Accuweather.

Web site

The web site for the race is at

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