How to reach the race

Stockholm airport is connected to Mora by train (unnecessary to transit via Stockholm). It takes about 4 hours and for some trains you have to change in Borlänge. You find the timetables on the Swedish Railways web-page where you also find information on where to buy the tickets in your country. The price is about 1000 SEK return.

You can also take the plain (50 minuts) with The price is about 1600 SEK return.

If your accommodation is too far from the Mora station for walking, you can take a taxi. However, what usually happens is that all taxis present at the station have been reserved. Two possibilities: a) ask one of the reserved taxis to call another one and you will get it within five minutes, or b) ten minutes before the arrival time use your cellular phone in the train and call the Mora taxis by dialing 0250 15000, the taxi will wait for you at the station.

The race day, a bus takes you from Mora to the start before or after the race. Price depends about the race start place.

By car the best is to drive from Stockholm Arlanda to Uppsala, Gävle (with highway), Falun and Mora : 311 km and less that  4 hours.


It’s more attractive to stay in Mora that in Sälen.

You can also stay in Orsa which is very close by Mora

The hotels in Mora are few and apply prohibitive prices during the race week. Most skiers therefore prefer to lodge in private rooms (price is about 450 SEK by person and night). Siljan Turism, e-mail can send you the list of accommodations in Mora with a map of the area and make the reservation. It is strongly recommended to ask the Tourist Office for the telephone contact with the owner of the rented room/apartment. This will help in coordination of the key pick up and/or prevent you from waiting at the door until somebody arrives. It is also quite common that the key is left somewhere outside the house so you need information how to find it. Log cabins are also available, an attractive solution for small groups. Cabins and sometimes also private rooms have cooking facilities.

Less expensive and very nice (… if you have a car) is to stay in Youth Hostel in Rattvik : or You can cook in the kitchen and prepare your skis in a special room.

If you wish to stay in Stockholm prior to or after the race, a cheap accommodation is the excellent Youth Hostel af Chapman, Skeppsholmen Hostel, tel 08 679 5017. It is a 15 min walk from the station. From the station there are buses and the Air Express Train to the airport.


The forecast is available at AccuWeather.

Web site

The web site for the race is

3 Responses to Vasaloppet

  1. Ondra says:

    I ´m looking for someone who can share travel from Stockholm to Mora and back, as well as accomodation in Mora or close to Mora. If someone can share this with me, please contact me. Thank you very much.

  2. LV says:

    I can be a good thing to also put that request out on our Facebook pages. Many subscribers there:

  3. Alex Garrod says:

    I have a race entry for Vasaloppet 2022 that I cannot use. Please let me know if you would be interested to have it?

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