Ushuaia Loppet

How to get there

In Ushuaia you can see posters about “The end of the world”. It can indeed be reached only after a long travel implying an important time difference (except for Americans). The usual flight connection is from Buenos Aires, it takes more than three hours. Visitors who have never been in South America may like to stop a couple of days in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. From Ushuaia  there are bus companies that transport skiers to the Tierra Mayor ski center. Every hotel and B&B can sell the tickets. The return ticket costs about 12 Euros for this 20 km trip. The race office is in Ushuaia.


There are many hotels and B&Bs in this city with 70’000 inhabitants. It is a touristic area and we recommend to make the reservation in advance. On the websites of specialized booking companies you can find the lists and characteristics of the accommodations.


The weather for race location can be found on location Tierra Mayor. We think this weather location gives the best race weather indication.

The ski area

For cross-country skiing the best place is Tierra Mayor where Ushuaia Loppet starts and finishes. Meals, snacks and drinks are available in the building. On the race day skiers can keep warm inside until they are called to the start field, bags can be left inside.

The course is in the Tierra Mayor valley on both sides of the ski center. It is relatively flat and does not contain difficult descents.

What to see

Ushuaia is located at a gulf of the Beagle Channel. Travel agencies have a selection of excursions in the area. At least a half day cruise on the channel is worthwhile. The ship approaches very close to the small islands where you can see hundreds of cormorans, sea lions etc.

2 Responses to Ushuaia Loppet

  1. Tom Sutherland says:

    I have been coming to Ushuaia for the past seven years, participating in both the Ushuaia Loppet and the Marchablanca, and I can add a few more tips for skiers:

    Ski tracks –
    Pista Jerman – just above the city there is a circuit of ski tracks called Pista Francisco Jerman. Snow conditions are more influenced by its proximity to the Beagle Channel so there are times when conditions are not as good as at Tierra Mayor.
    Las Cotorras – in The Valley adjacent to Tierra Mayor there is a circuit of classic ski tracks called Las Cotorras.

    Hotels – the shuttle buses to Tierra Mayor collect passengers all over the city, which is surprisingly spread out. If you stay at a hotel on the west side of town it can add 30 minutes or more to your transfer time each way. I always stay at Hosteria Valle Frío, which is on the east side and close to the main shopping area, and Jeremías, the owner/manager is a cross country skier.

  2. Nancy L. Caviet says:

    I was also in Hosteria Valle Frio. I can recommend that hotel. Jeremias, one of the owners can speak English.
    The tracks at Tierra mayor are not so good. They use the same track for cross country ski, dog sledge, snow mobile and walking. The nature is wonderfull

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