Race evaluation

We are considering using an automated feedbackform on race evaluations.

Until then you can write us for two reasons:

1. if there is something special regarding a race you would like to address, you can email us so we with our experience can give feedback on the issue. If appropriate we, IAWLS, can take the case further to Worldloppet or the race organizers.

2. you want to share an article on a Worldloppet race you participated in. Including picture, pluss and minus issues on the race.

Either email us or reply to this page or the specific racepage of our website.

Our email is: iawls@worldloppetskier.com

3 Responses to Race evaluation

  1. Piotr Szkarłat says:

    Dolomitenlauf 2013
    I did FT race this year. Contrary to previous years the course has been very interesting though quite tough. There was a big climb that was not included in the race for more than couple of recent races (or only part of the climb was in the course). No many zigzagas and switchbacks in the open fields section this year which made the races boring and less excting in the past.
    The skiers comments were very positive about this year’s course so I would advise that IAWLS praise organizers for that.
    The organization of both races (both in Obertilliach) were very good and certianly Dolomitenlauf merits a letter with congrtaulations.

    Piotr Szkarłat

  2. Jacques Wong says:

    I agree with you sir. This is a FIS course level for a Worldloppet master with no common measures with other races. I did once before (in CT, with all the Zig and the zag, and i prefer this new kind of course where the pace in effort and ski preparation (divided in four legs: untertilliach, Obertilliach, Kartitch and the last 8Kms in Obertilliach) is the next level to renew the predictable. I was very “enchanté” after both races for this new challenge.

    Jacques Wong

  3. Thomas Berli says:

    Instead of a write account I can offer a Video summary of the Engadin Skimarathon 2013. Race was spectacular as ever. While the crowds may slow you down in the first half, the sheer number of people also really makes the ambiance of this event. Very fast conditions this year, snow was perfect and gliding exceptionally, despite the poor forecast.

    Anyway, here is my video, hope you enjoy it: http://youtu.be/–pxsvtmufE

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