Bieg Piastow

Race Location

The race takes place in Góry Jizerskie  (Jizera Mountains), the same mountain group where Jizerska Padesatka is performed.   Despite relatively low altitude (about 1000 m) good skiing conditions are in this area usually from the middle of December until late April. The start of the race and the facilities where you may wax the skis, change clothes, eat and visit the race office are at Jakuszyce. The place is 2 km from the Polish-Czech border.


The closest airports are Wroclaw in Poland and Prague in Czech. The distance from Wroclaw is 133 km and from Prague 204 km. Driving time is about 2, 5 hours from Wroclaw and about 3 hours from Prague. There is also a train connection from Wroclaw to Szklarska Poreba, a ski resort where you may find accommodation. Polish train connections are at . The train is quite slow and the travel takes about 4,5 hours. The departure station is Wroclaw Glowny , the destination is Szklarska Poreba G.
For those who arrive at Prague we recommend a bus connection that can be checked at .  You ‘ll not get directly to Szklarska Poreba but you may find a reasonably good bus connection to Harrachov, on the Czech side of the border.  The travel takes about 2,5-3hours.  Bus connection: Prague-Jablonec-Harrachov is another option.  Since Harrachov is 12 km from Szklarska Poreba it is possible to organize a taxi transport to polish resort as there is practically no regular bus service except for Thursday and Saturday at 11 a.m. from Harrachov to Jakuszyce (winter season only). There is no train connection from Prague to Szklarska Poreba.
Polish tourist office Carlos BP Tom-Tur  may organize a group transport to the race site. The web site opens in polish language only but when you click on Bieg Piastów you will find the information in English and German as well. They can also be helpful in accommodation booking.
There are regional bus companies offering transport from Wroclaw to Szklarska Poreba however their web sites are in local language only. Skiers interested in this travelling option may seek help directly through the IAWLS web site contacting us by e-mail.


There are very few sleeping places at Jakuszyce where the start is. We recommend to stay at Szklarska Poreba, 7 km from Jakuszyce.   Accommodation can be found at .
The closest place to stay in Czech Republic is Harrachov, about 5 km from Jakuszyce. You may look for accommodation at .  If you want to stay in Czech it is advisable to have own car as the bus service is not frequent enough.
A number of accommodation places can be found at .

Web site  will provide you with maps, satellite pictures and a lot of useful information including weather conditions.

8 Responses to Bieg Piastow

  1. Jim W says:

    Is it expected that there will be waxing service(s) available?

  2. If you plan to come to Poland for cross-country skiing competitions contact us:

  3. Sheila E says:

    We will be arriving at Wroclaw. Is there bus transportation to Szklarska Poreba?
    Sheila E

  4. LV says:

    Sheila E, we got this reply to your question: “Yes it is. The bus station is next to railway station. Journey takes approximate 2 hours”

    • Sheila E says:

      Thanks. Can I get a bus any day of the week? I’ll be in Wroclaw on a Thursday and would like to get to Szklarsk the same day

  5. Tele Marcin says:

    Yes the buses are operating every day. Please find a link to the web page you can find all connections:

  6. Brendan says:

    We are a group of 4 Canadians trying to get information on traveling to the Beig Pastow 2018. The sites are very difficult to navigate and provide limited information on public transit to Szklarka Poreba. Do you have any suggestions?

    • LV says:

      our best advice is in this article. also, if public transport is not good it is often a good idea to rent a car

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