Snow in Sapporo 2020

By Minoru Matsuyama from Sapporo, January 6th 2020: “We have no snow in Sapporo!! This is my first experience no snow, no skiing in Sapporo. I am not a member of race organizing committee of Sapporo ski marathon, I am WL skier living in Sapporo. Usually we have 40cm snow depth, but now we have only 1cm snow depth, Takino Snow World is closed, no snow around Sapporo Dome (start & goal point). Weather forecast says no chance of heavy snowing for a while from now on. I guess Sapporo ski marathon will be first cancellation this winter in 2020. (this is my private comment, not official)“.

Raceday for Sapporo Skimarathon is set to February 2nd 2020.

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6 Responses to Snow in Sapporo 2020

  1. Mary Lee says:

    Minoru I feel for you and the race organising committee. NO Snow in Sapporo, Australia is burning and NZ is cold for summer so far. Let us hope this is one-off.

  2. Mads Kofod says:

    Hi LV, thanks for your snow report. Any fresh snow as of 18 Jan?

    • LV says:

      Webcams from the skimarathon area are hard to find. The picture above was by Minoru and he is not there often when snowconditions are that low. So, sorry, no, I don’t know current status

  3. Classic & Skate says:

    Race organisers to decide on whether the event will go ahead will be made before 26th January –

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Minoru,
    Can you please provide an update.

  5. Ric Adams says:

    Thanks Minoru, can you pleaseprovide an update. Is thete anymore snow?

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