New Worldloppet logos

One season with the new Worldloppet logo. What do you think?
It was in newsletter December 2018 we got a hint of “New Worldloppet visual identity from 2019” and in February 2019 we saw the new webpages.

wl old and new logo

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2 Responses to New Worldloppet logos

  1. Grant McLeod says:

    The old Worldloppet logo actually looked like something that conveyed an idea of what Worldloppet actually was about – a federation of ski races in various countries around the world. This new logo looks like… I don’t know what. Does anyone know? I think it suits the Lumberjacks Brotherhood visual identity better than Worldloppet visual identity. In any case, it is not one of my “must have” items.

  2. Russ Sobotta says:

    Agreed. The old medal conveyed a sense of what it is all about, more importantly to non skiers who have a chance to look at it. Masters know what it is but others don’t. I will hang on to all my “old” stuff.

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