Startfees – historic prices

Price of race startfees are very varying. We have been following this price development for years and will here present a view into price development.

Some races include more service than others. Like meals and drinks before and after race. Wardrobes, showers, warmup tents and so on. In our “Race charter” we recommend some of these things for all races. But it’s not always that price says how much is included for the skiers.

The following graph is an historic overview of most Worldloppet races that have been around for many years. Click image for more details:


Vasaloppet and norwegian Birkebeinerrennet are the most expensive as always. The US Birkie has had an extraordinary increase in the last few years. US Birkie are going higher than Engadin Skimarathon and Finlandia Hiihto. And Transjurassienne and Marcialonga. In the lower end we see Bieg Piastow with a price way below all others.

Some notes on the numbers:
All numbers are in euro. Exchange rates used for 2009 and older are from around 2009. For 2016 we have todays rates. Currency exchange rates have changed since 2002 and we make special notice that swiss franc have increased in value alot the last 5-7 years. The US dollar have gone up alot the last 1-2 years. Polish Zlots have gone down noticeable. For races offering price in local currency and euro we have picked euro. Estonia changed into euro in 2011.

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