Small Boy’s WL challenge, he got WL silver master


Team Suomi member before start

by Minoru Matsuyama

Our family WL challenge was started in 2009 from J50, my son finished 25km short race, he was 9 years old. He got first WL stamp on his passport there. We established Team SUOMI from 2009. Team SUOMI is composed of four skiers, Matsuyama family (Minoru, Tomoko & Suomi) with Mr. Hannes Larsson.

After that we checked each WL ski races for my son’s entry, each race has not same regulation, age limit for the short race was different for each races. One is no age limit and another is from 18 years old, 16 years old, 14 years old and 13 years old. We need to buy new ski sets every year according to his growing up year by year.


Suomi got 10th stamp at Merino Muster

Mr.Suomi Matsuyama finished 20th Merino Muster in 2014, he just got 10th WL silver stamp with this race.

Mr.Suomi and his mother Mrs. Tomoko just get a WL silver Master this summer. Small boy SUOMI is now 14 years old, he may be a youngest WL Silver Master.


Mr. Angelo Corradini celebrated Suomi’s youngest silver Master

His result is

2009   Jizerska Padesatka       30km FT    DNF

Jizerska Padesatka       25km CT    Finished

2010   Finlandia Hiihto         32km CT    Finished

Finlandia Hiihto         20km FT    Finished

Bieg Piastow             26km CT    Finished

2011   Tartu Marathon          31km CT    Finished

Vasa loppet Kortovasan   30km CT    Finished

2012   Dolomitten Laufe         25km FT    Finished

2013   Kangaroo Hoppet         21km FT    Finished

American Birkie Tour     23km FT    Canceled

Jizerska Padesatka       30km FT    Finished

Jizerska Padesatka       25km CT    Finished

2014   American Birkie Tour    23km FT    Finished

Engadin Ski Marathon    21km FT    Finished

Merino Muster           21km FT    Finished

Team SUOMI we all have WL master titles now, But this is not a goal of us , we are on the way to next target that is GWLS!!  We love WL very much!!

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2 Responses to Small Boy’s WL challenge, he got WL silver master

  1. Congratulation Suomi:-)

  2. Congratulations Suomi from India!

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