More Kangaroo Hoppet 2013

By Marg Hayes & Bruce Wharrie

After an unsteady preparation of the only access road being closed the day and night before the race due to a large rockfall, the weather presented all participants with calm blue sky. Many competitors, volunteers and organisers had to be billeted away from their accommodations, ski racing equipment, clothing and race bibs. But at the one hour delayed race start, all challenges were met. Fast, icy tracks under a true Aussie burning sunshine made for a dream first lap. Then with the warm temperatures, the snow slowed during the second half of the ski marathon for those in the back of the field, and for some a very foggy last ten kilometres. The evening celebrations at Mount Beauty amongst many competitors, volunteers and Worldloppet masters continued long into the night.

Some results of IAWLS members in the 42 km Freestyle race:
Larrson, Hannes FRA 4:15:37
Hayes, Marg AUS…2:47:09
Barnes, Judith …… AUS… 4:44:30
Addison, Colin ….. AUS… 4:34:06
Palliser, Robert….. CAN… 2:39:21
Wharrie, Bruce ….. AUS ..4:39:06
McLeod Grant…….. CAN 4:13:50
Dasek Miroslav…… CZE 3:55:5
Petroff, Boris FRA 3:11:29
Trueman, Doris AUS 2:51:36
Jackson, Doug AUS 3:43:42

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