Tartu Maraton 2013

by Hannes Larsson

I like the course of Tartu Maraton. It has a variety of small hills and some flats, goes through forests and meadows. Unfortunately, this idyllic picture is tarnished by a mass start of 6500 skiers. This creates unavoidably a succession of small bottlenecks in the first kms. The worst is that in the first little descents everybody is snow-ploughing because skiers are so densely packed that a fall (many of them occurred) leads to collisions. Still in the enjoyable descent at about 6 km the skiers formed five parallel snow-ploughing lines whereas even the slowest skiers would go down normally if they were alone or at least had a sufficient safety distance to the preceding skier. This is the negation of cross-country skiing!

At the nice pasta party the organizers presented their dream that one day the number of participants could reach 10000 (many years ago it approached that number). If Tartu Maraton had Marcialonga’s  record percentage of 80% of foreigners, they would need 8000 foreigners. What can Tartu Maraton do to increase its attractiveness for foreigners? They cannot create a 200 m climb in the last two kms, like Marcialonga. The course is already one of the most attractive in Worldloppet. The only thing that can and must be improved is the start. The obvious solution is the Ideal Start that Worldloppet skiers so much appreciate at Marcialonga and Jizerska Padesatka.

We were lucky to have optimum conditions: a cloudy weather and a constant temperature of -4 C. The VR45 or similar grip wax worked perfectly the whole day. The tracks were perfectly prepared and remained in good conditions for all skiers. 5972 skiers finished the race. The winner´s time was 2.45.01. The same day a Silver race of 31 km was organized.

Some results of IAWLS members in the 63 km CT race:
De Freitas Greg          AUS     6.16.22
Hazard André BEL      4.59.09
McLeod Grant            CAN     5.28.48
Dasek Miroslav          CZE      5.47.21
Liksor Aivo                  EST      4.48.30
Leppänen Eero           FIN       4.13.13
Valve Teuvo                FIN       5.33.37
Dillemuth Andreas     GER     3.24.32
Courtine Hervé           FRA      4.45.32
Larsson Hannes          FRA      6.22.22
Montgermont Daniel FRA      5.21.47
Maniora Yonel           LUX      3.59.34
Gumenyuk Aleksei      RUS     3.50.13
Narvesen Stephen      USA     4.49.13

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1 Response to Tartu Maraton 2013

  1. Jennie de Freitas says:

    Along with Greg de Freitas, member Jennie de Freitas, also completed the Tartu 63km classic race in 2013.

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