Demino Marathon 2012

Undoubtedly this race merit to be accepted in the Worldloppet circus even
if they need to refine some small imperfections.

Before to leave :
1) the site is in English.
It is very well made and there is the possibility to register online. But in
2012 impossible to pay with a credit card! Point to improve (a priori
without too many difficulties).
This year, the organizers were very kind and I have no doubt it will be
the same the coming years.

(2) The question of the Visa: for french people, it’cecessary to receave an
invitation + a voucher for each night + a medical certificate of
repatriation. (For this last point, not to worry: just ask the Manager of
credit card).

Demino’s organisators have to address, once registered, a formal invitation
and the hotel (resort) must send a copy of the voucher. Attention : Russia
Embassy request a fax (or a copy of fax) and not a mail!
Otherwise, the solution is to go through an agency specialized in the visa
application (approximate cost: 110 €? instead of 35 € in France for a
personal request).

(3) Travel: Demino is not near from Moscow… but 6 hours road…when it’s
not snowing !
It’s not a pb to rent a car (cost for 5 days : 200 to 400 €). Not necessary
to rent a 4 x 4: roads are rather good (sometimes with holes and bumps).
Travel in Russia (except perhaps in the Moscow City Center) presents no

The train to Yaroslavl and Rybinsk (and bus to Demino) is possible but more
complicated and slow.

Possible aircraft for Yaroslavl (300 km from Moscow) accessible tariff
(about 100 € ) and to rent a car to Demino ? (it’s 70 km from Yaroslav).
It’will be nice to the organisators to improve a special bus from Yaroslav
to Demino and return.

At Demino :
4) possible accommodation in room in hotel or dacha (from 4 to 8 persons) on
the site of the race. Comfortable, and accessible price (about 50 € by night
and person with breakfast). On-site restaurant.
Otherwise more economic accommodation in Rybinsk (20 km from Demino).

(5) The Nordic site is very well located: a small station on the banks of
the Volga which hosts international competitions each year. Tracks drawn
before the race.

(6) Bibs delivery : is still too bureaucratic. You have to leave a deposit
of 1000 roubles for the chip and sign a registry! Very slow for 50 skiers,
impossible for thousands.
However the premises are comfortable and large enough for a more rational
and conventional organization. It is easy (but necessary) to improve.
The bibs are very beautiful and the bag … a little symbolic. But departure
and arrival are in the same place. Attention, if the weather would be bad,
the bags should be more solid.
Or stocked in a building during the race and not to let them in the wind.
We had skis sticks for to the classic style this year and not for the
skating! To be corrected next year.

Sale of northern products (clothes, skis, waxes, etc.) in the open air near
the departure area.

7) beautiful 25 km route to go 2 times. Passage 4 times on the line of
departure/arrival. Beautiful stage for the arrival. No traffic jams except
in the first kilometer (we were this year 1300 on the skate). But it’s
necessay to previous waves if more of 1500 competitors.
Broad enough runway : we can double. No difficulty and relatively flat route
(only 3 small ribs at the 15th and 40th km).
Perfect markup.

(8) Supply is corest : very intelligent use of rigid plastic cups for hot
drinks. Few varieties especially for the solid. Could be corrected next
year: install checkin on 2 sides of the runway points. Supplies very well
located on the course and sufficient (6th, 14th, 20th, 25th, 31st, 39th and
45th km).
Ensure that the last skiers are not overlooked.

Starting time at noon: It’s classical for the Russian but more original for

(9) On Saturday, the skating race was 50 k but on Sunday in classic style
only 25 km (a single round): next year it should be the same race (50 km)
for both events to obtain the gold passport in classic or (and) free style.

After the race
10) Lunch (in a beautiful room/coffee very Soviet atmosphere) to every
racer. It is acceptable and very sympathetic but not frankly gourmet. This
room is heated and is a very good plkace just at the start/finish of the

(11) Very well organized Awards, numerous awards (for every class of age).
Immediately displayed results.

Nice gift to the arrival (perhaps ,only for foreigners?)

Brief : essential is acquired and year after year the imperefctions will be

Boris Petroff
8 times WL master and global master.

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