A mountain has more as one site

König Ludwig Lauf

It has a dark site and a sunny site

The dark site sometimes the weather is much colder as usual and during a cross country ski race the risk for cold injuries is higher as usual. Or sometimes bad luck and somebody dies


The sunny site. The victory or reaching the finish line before cut-off time. The wonderful surrounding

Meeting new and old friends. Sometimes loosing people because they stop cross country ski races. Not healthy enough, not enough money or other reasons. Real good friends, you will not lose them.

A physical side but also a cultural side

The track of the König Ludwig Lauf  passes the castle “Schloss Linderhof”

Participate in the race, being a spectator or being part of the organisation.

I am glad I only need to ski the race. If something goes other as planned, the newspapers knew to find the organisation.

After the König Ludwig Lauf 2012 the newspapers wrote: ”Hätten die Rennen am Sonntag abgesagt werden müssen?“  The translation: Did they need to cancel he race?

Personally I am glad they did not cancel. Now every athlete could make the decision: Participating? Do not start (DNS)? Or stop before reaching the finish line (DNF)

I decided to do the race on Saturday and the short one on Sunday. It was hard but nice.


Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be

Maybe coming back in the summer and enjoying walking in the mountains or climbing mountains

Kofel 01-02-2012  In winter

A easy side and a less easy ( difficult) side

View from top of the Kofel. Summer 2010

A touristic side and a spiritual side

Every 10 years they organise “The Passionspiele” in Oberammergau. It is about the last days of Jesus Christ. It is very impressive.

You need to book well in advance. The next performance will be in 2020

This year the König Ludwig Lauf was challenging.

For results look the website:http://www.koenig-ludwig-lauf.com

Nancy L. Caviët

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