Special Registration Issues

Special issues with races that may get fully booked. Register early. Update: the problem with early fully booked races is not that common anymore so this table is not updated.

RACENAME – Registration status for 2017 (and status for previous years)
Vasaloppet – Open&full 20.3.16
(Open&full 16.3.14, open&full 17.3.13, full 15.3.12, 30.5.11 and 24.8.10)

Marcialonga – Open&full 28.6.2016
(Open&full 1.7.2014. Open&full 5.6.2013, 15.10.12, full 18.5.11 and 7.9.10)

Birkebeinerrennet – Opened 13.4.16
(open 23.4.14 & never sold out, open 18.4.13, full 19.4.13, opens for foreigners early: 21.9.12. General opening & full 25.10.12, full 1.11.11 and 5.11.10)

US Birkie – Opened 2.5.2016 & full 3.11.2016.
(Opens 2.06.14 & Full 23.10.14. opened 3.6.13, full 10.10.13, Full 15.10.12, full 21.11.11 and 18.12.10)

Jizerska – Opened 6.6.2016. 20% available on 12.1.2017.
(Opens 1.5.14. Full ?. Full 8.11.13, opened 1.7.12. Full 19.12.12, full 1.12.11 and 22.12.10)

Tartu Skimarathon – Opened 1.3.2016
(full 7.1.11)

(All date formats are dd.mm.yy and indicates main race if multiple races in one event)

For Marcialonga: Book very early (before March 15th?) and get your startnumber via your hotel in the valley. Italians have their own early booking periode. Scandinavians can also get startnumbers in travelpackages from their major travel firms.


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2 Responses to Special Registration Issues

  1. hey, many thanks for sharing about skiing in Italia. In Tuscany we have a renowned ski-resort named Abetone, where visitors go from December through to April to share the slopes once
    used by Italian snow skiing legend, Zeno. Come and see just what makes Tuscany a remarkable place to ski, and thanks for your blog!

  2. John Hillard says:

    Many thanks for the information about the races where bookings close early. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the AGM this year but I hope that there will be some discussion of this matter. I think that it is time that Worldloppet should be looking for a solution that enables any skier that wishes to ski a race in each country in each year.
    When I tried to book online, I found that the bookings for Marcialonga opened at 0330 Australian time and closed about 0630 – or so I found when I awoke that morning! When skiers are travelling long distances to visit Europe (e.g. from Australia, Japan, USA) then I think that it is unreasonable to exclude them from participation in these heavily booked races.
    If races are heavily booked then I think that wordloppet should either:
    a) ask the national organising committee to organise an “open track” like those in Sweden and Estonia so that those who cannot book the main race can still attend, or
    b) designate a second race in the same country that will also qualify for WL status or
    c) enable skiers from distant parts of the worldloppet empire to make their bookings prior to the start of general bookings.
    I am interested in what others can suggest but I think that we should be looking to find a structural solution to this problem.

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