The IAWLS 2010 General Assembly

Szklarska Poreba, Poland, March 5, 2010

October 21, 2010

Members present:

Doug Jackson, AUS Alan Rae, AUS Saul Goldman, CAN
Grant McLeod, CAN Robert Palliser, CAN Blanka Nedvedicka, CZE
Radek Ondryas, CZE Christophe Joanblanq, FRA Hannes Larsson, FRA
Berndt Bellman, GER Norbert Guetlin, GER Minoru Matsuyama, JAP
Suomi Matsuyama, JAP Tomoko Matsuyama, JAP Jacek Jaskowiak, POL
Marcin Kmicik, POL Piotr Szkarlat, POL Milena Gumenuk, RUS
Alkexei Gumenyuk, RUS Eva Carleberg, SWE Göran Palmgren, SWE
Brian Bennett, USA Bengt Karlsson, USA

Members represented by proxy:

Lech Milewski, AUS John Miller, AUS John Plaice, AUS
Jacques Wong, CAN Einar Larsson, FIN Virpi Suuronen, FIN
André Baux, FRA Thierry Beaujon, FRA Gilles Bertin, FRA
Jacques Broussou, FRA Christian Hurbin, FRA Boris Petroff, FRA
Patrice Turlan, FRA Mark Davies, GBR Corrado Ampezzan, ITA
Nancy Lucienne Caviët, NED Stanislaw Grabowski, POL Frank Dennis, USA
Kathryn Karlsson, USA Stephen Narveson, USA Jim Whalen, USA

The Chair of the meeting, Hannes Larsson, called the meeting to order. With 23 members present and 21 represented by proxies, that didn’t meet the requirement for a quorum which is 20% of the total number of members (341). The secretary pointed out that we had been unable to reach 30 members in emailing the proxies. As per the bylaws the meeting was adjourned and a new meeting called where the required quorum was the number of members present and represeted by proxy.

The Chair introduced the EC members present. He thanked the Restaurant Kaprys for providing the place and refreshments. The EC members present were: Jacek Jaskowiak (President elect),  Hannes Larsson (retiring President but not retiring skier), Bengt Karlsson (Secretary), Christophe Joanblanq, Piotr Szkarlat, and Minoru Matsuyama. EC members not present were Colin Addison, Thomas Huber, Boris Petroff (Treasurer, skiing the Vasaloppet) and Lars Vagle.

The motion to accept the President’s Report: Yes 44, No 0, Abstain 0.

The motion to acceot the Treasurer’s report: Yes 44, No 0, Abstain 0. The Treasurer’s report included the motion to fix the membership fee to 0.

The motion to re-elect Colin Addison and Lars Vagle as EC members: Yes 44, No 0, Abstain 0.

Hannes presented a history of IAWLS:

“In January 2000, Hannes met Lech Milewski and Jan Jasiewicz in Cavalese, Italy. They discussed various matters relating to the relations between skiers and Worldloppet. The idea emerged to create an association representing the skiers. After the end of the ski season Hannes took the initiative and asked Lech and Jan to join him as members of the committee. Later other members were added. The General Secretariat in Tartu gave an appreciable help and published an article about the creation of IAWLS in the Yearbook. Members began to sign up and the membership has regularly grown since then.     Two important steps were made in 2005: IAWLS was registered as a non-profit association in France, and our own website was created. The membership reached 340 members from 28 countries in March 2010.     At the start of IAWLS in 2000, Worldloppet was 20 years old, therefore it was not evident how to approach this organization that maybe had the tendency to form a closed club that was a little surprised when an external body approached them and wanted to talk with them on behalf of the skiers. Our approach was diplomatic, and step by step confident relations were built between IAWLS and WL. Now we are considered as reliable partners.     Many improvements in the individual races have been realized following our suggestions. General changes in WL are for example:     -The change of dates between Tartu Maraton and La Transjurassienne, leading to a more logical travel plan for skiers who participate in a series of consecutive races,     -The Global Worldloppet Skier scheme that attracts a number of skiers to the far-away races,     -The Ideal Start that Marcialonga applied masterfully three years ago and that is appreciated by the skiers, was based on an initial proposal from IAWLS. The following year Jizerska Padesatka adopted the Ideal Start.”

Hannes thanked the members of the IAWLS Executive Committee, past and present, who had helped him so efficiently. There is a good team that from now on collaborates with the new President Jacek. Hannes invited Jacek to take the chairman’s/President’s seat and he stepped down to the floor as an ordinary IAWLS member.

Jacek took the chair. He expressed the appreciation of all members for the work that Hannes had performed during almost 10 years. Then he presented his vision for the future of IAWLS.

Two comments from the floor:

Blanka Nedvedicka (former EC member)gave a tribute to Hannes for his work for IAWLS.

Hannes Larsson said that a strong participation from the members is needed. One way to contribute is to fill out the race evaluation after you have participated in a race. This allows the EC to provide feed-back to the race organizers. The EC is also looking for relevant articles for the web page. The EC members are not the only ones that provide material for it. Contributions from the members are appreciated in order to have a vibrant presence on the web. Send your contributions to An editorial comment: send text and pictues as separte files and let Bengt edit them.

Jacek thanked the participants and closed the meeting.


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